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Feil, Inc. was founded by Gerald and Andrea Feil in 1998. Gerald and Andrea immigrated to the United States from their homeland in Germany in 1997, becoming U.S. citizens in 2006.

After graduating from school in Germany in 1976, Gerald learned the trade of hardwood flooring. Gerald diligently perfected his skills as a carpenter, mastering the art of sanding, finishing, and installing hardwood floors during his apprentice years in various specialized wood floor companies in Germany.

For more than two decades, Feil, Inc. has been in business in Florida, serving the tri-county area with an outstanding reputation for

timeless masterpieces and top-quality service. Feil, Inc. carries the very best in hardwood flooring and stair materials, a full line of certified and sustainable hardwood products, as well as a rich and diverse array of hardwood collections.

The goal of Feil, Inc. is to provide the luxury of hardwoods in the home. With hundreds of well-satisfied customers and an extensive reference list, available upon request, Feil, Inc. is, without a doubt, the #1 choice for your wood flooring and stair needs. Let Feil, Inc.’s goal help you achieve your vision!