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From Accent Walls to Wooden Countertops. 
Feil offers even more.


Boutique Style by Feil

We are thrilled to bring you a curated collection of unique and high-quality products that have been carefully selected for their style, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. From Moss Accent Walls to Custom Made Wood Countertops or Special Lighting for your Stairs, we are prepared to take things on another level. 


FEIL is proud Partner of RIVA Spain. We offer their whole collection. Visit us in our Showroom in Fort Myers, FL and experience their products first hand: High Quality Wood Flooring, Matching Tiles and Moss Accent Walls. Click on the logo for more information or give us a call at (239)454-1913

countertops & more

Wooden Art

Give us a Call for special requests at (239)454-1913


Add an Extra Touch of 
Ambiance & Security

Many Staircases are the Centerpiece of the home and deserve a little more attention. You will love our unique lighting solutions.

Light it Your Way

There are several ways to light your staircase – let’s talk about it.

Innovative Tread lighting

by day
by night

Feil’s tread lighting – by daylight almost invisible and by night a real eyecatcher.

Optic Fiber Showcase

This staircase was built in 2022 in Naples, FL. It has RGB lights on the tread and below the tread. Also it features over 1000 optic fibers in the risers. Visible from the street, the stairs are a real eyecatcher for everyone who drives by.

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12034 Metro Parkway · 33966 Fort Myers, FL

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